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cosmo tip #21


during sex when he least suspects it, scream “EA GAMES” followed by whispering “challenge everything”


fleur-sims sims (?) are GREAT check them out.


If someone is interested how my latest works are done this is the process of making yesterday’s picture ‘Summer Town’. Lately I’ve been doing my works differently. I often use background images made by artists on pixiv and blend them with sims screenshots. Almost all of the pics in-game are made on green/red/blue screen so I just cut them out, adjust the size and play with them in photoshop. 

If you want to see the process of making any other works of mine (preferably one of the recent ones), message me and I’ll see, what I can do! :D


Il Cafe Verde interior.


Sorry for the picspam - but more interiors from my newest house :)


The boardwalk is where local performers and artists gather looking to make a few simoleans and the beach is teeming with turtle hatchlings.

This is the first time I put pine trees on a beach lot and I like it. Looks like a nice place for a quiet sunday stroll :)


I wanted to see what Agatha and Rhen's kids would look like. Sooo, we put ACR to work. 

I was not disappointed. 


Fun with TS1.


Fun with TS1.