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And the very exciting bathroom. Gah, can’t wait to start the next generation already.


Camp Twikkii

When the ruins were first discovered, Camp Twikkii served as the Base Camp for teams of archaeologists, explorers, and treasure hunters alike, right in the middle of the Twikkii rainforest. A century later a hotel chain decided to buy the historic grounds and make it a private campsite, offering a jungle immersion experience to a new generation of adventurers for half the price of a beachfront hotel. 


Serena's small starter house.


Fin. There’s another bathroom downstairs but it’s pretty much the same 3x2 room with different walls. And now I should get another update ready but I think I wanna play the Evergreens (II) first. :P


The Calientes’ teeny upstairs bathroom. There is a sink in there somewhere, but it’s terribly unexciting and in such an awkward corner I didn’t even bother to screenshot it. :) 


Legislacerator @ Garden of Shadows


Legislacerator @ Garden of Shadows


Honeyside - residence of Woodhaven’s mayor and my first finished BaCC house :D 


~Bedroom and Bathroom of this house~

I’ll hopefully have this house ready for download tomorrow :)